Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?

I stumbled across them in a hospital of all places. It was a regular Thursday afternoon teaching session for trainee psychiatrists in Glasgow and 'the psychotherapists' had come to give us a lecture.  Well, perhaps the word 'lecture' does not do that afternoon's meeting justice. An intimate encounter with a very select madness or alchemy? … Continue reading Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?

Masculinity in a world where men behave badly.

The bad behaviour of some prominent men in our lives and times has made for depressing media headlines in recent weeks. It has been easy for these predators to operate in a world where 'sleazy' behaviour is tolerated and media, in general, portrays relationships as dispensible and responsibilities within relationships as so 'last century'. I've … Continue reading Masculinity in a world where men behave badly.

Our Shared Lives.

Psalm 145:4 “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts …” It's been a typical late October day here in Yorkshire, England: sunshine mixed with grey cloud, a little damp underfoot, and people have already started hunkering down in their homes ready for winter. Most gardens are looking weather-weary, and the storms last … Continue reading Our Shared Lives.

When Discouraged.

It seems like, as Jesus said, in this world, we will always have trouble. Our lives will be punctuated with sorrow and discouragement, pain and fear. And for some, life offers fewer intervals between each onslaught. Chronicity is a word linked to so many medical disorders: anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, depression. No-one wants to hear it, … Continue reading When Discouraged.