Seasons of Silence.

Prominent feminists Margaret Atwood, Christine Hoff Sommers and Catherine Deneuve have recently been forthright in their condemnation of the #MeToo movement which they feel has moved from rightly exposing abuse of women by prominent and powerful men towards becoming a vigilante movement where some men are being denied the basic right of all in a civilised … Continue reading Seasons of Silence.

Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?

I stumbled across them in a hospital of all places. It was a regular Thursday afternoon teaching session for trainee psychiatrists in Glasgow and 'the psychotherapists' had come to give us a lecture.  Well, perhaps the word 'lecture' does not do that afternoon's meeting justice. An intimate encounter with a very select madness or alchemy? … Continue reading Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?

Masculinity in a world where men behave badly.

The bad behaviour of some prominent men in our lives and times has made for depressing media headlines in recent weeks. It has been easy for these predators to operate in a world where 'sleazy' behaviour is tolerated and media, in general, portrays relationships as dispensible and responsibilities within relationships as so 'last century'. I've … Continue reading Masculinity in a world where men behave badly.