The Art Of Conversation With God.

David enquired of the Lord: “Shall I go up to one of the towns of Judah? “he asked.

The Lord said “Go up!”

David asked: “Where shall I go?”

“To Hebron”, the Lord answered.

2 Samuel 2 verse 1.

Prayers can be simple phrases, eloquent petitions, or literary works of art and are often described in the Psalms as ‘incense’ rising, at the opening and closing of each new day.

The simplicity of David’s prayer (above) is obvious, but the reciprocity of this dialogue is simply staggering. Many would wish for similar communication from God today: such clarity, so personable, so direct, so responsive!

The true beauty of prayer is not in it’s literary composition, nor in the words of the one who prays. It’s not in the hauntingly beautiful cadence of evensong in a city of towering spires or in the stillness and splendid isolation of an auld kirk in the wilderness of the Highlands.

God dwells with human beings in the shadowy world of prayer. He speaks when he is sure he has our attention, our focus, our belief. The most beautiful of experiences.

Unless I believe in the core of my being that God answers prayer, it is indeed just hopeful words, just a beautiful sonnet, just a faltering cry at the sky, just a rant at authority or indeed at anyone else who may be within earshot.

Lord  I believe in you, and I’m learning to pray.

I’m finding the words and preparing my heart.

My Father, in Heaven

May Your name be hallowed in the deepest depth of my mind and being as it is in the starry heavens

May Your Kingdom prosper today, in my home, and in my workplace. Let me look for it, touch it, smell it, taste it.

May Your will be done this day, in every personal, family, local ,national and international situation I lay before you.

Give me just what I, and my family need today, wholesome food, warmth, shelter, love, tenderness, kindness, friendships.

Help me settle scores today , especially emotional ones, drawing purposefully from God’s forgiveness.

Lord let me face temptation with your moral strength.

Deliver me, protect me, shield my loved ones from all evil, I ask in Your name.

Thank you for this journey, this life, these blessings.


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