Advent LOVE

Do we need God’s love this Christmas?

What does God’s love look like in 21st century Britain?

1 John 4:10 (New International Version – UK)

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

God is kind and humanity is just a little kinder than usual at Christmas. We give to charities, we bake for our elderly neighbours, we go out of our way to be charitable to our most awkward relations, we spend valuable time with our families. We love and are loved. Perhaps Jesus joins this Christmas party? After all, Jesus followers believe God wants them to love like He loves.

Or perhaps Jesus loiters on the fringes of our traditional Christmas celebrations – alongside the homeless at street corners and alleyways; in the bleakest war torn streets of our world or with the broken in mental health units? Jesus did say He had come to heal the broken hearted, to deliver the captives, to heal and to release from bonds.

If we search for Jesus this Christmas, surely we’ll find him within the cavernous walls of Cathedrals or even in the odd village Kirk in a remote and beautiful spot? In the hauntingly beautiful choral music of the season or in the lofty prose of a traditional Christmas carol?

In our home we’ve begun to put up a few Christmas decorations…already!


And this too….



An old favourite ‘nativity set’ looking almost as faded as the hydrangeas in the background.

But Advent is something we celebrate in our souls, and God’s love comes to us in a person, Jesus.

The Light Of The World stands at the door of our hearts and souls this Advent.



2 thoughts on “Advent LOVE

    • Just my way of thinking out loud Deb. New blog yes, just to separate out the knitting posts from these. Hope you get time to put up a few decorations yourself….now these will be special! x


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