Standing Alongside The Ancients.

I'm reading my way through 1 and 2 Kings in the Old Testament. Solomon is granted wisdom from God, and it's not too long before he gets to put this into practice....mediating in a disagreement over a child between two prostitute mothers. The irony of it all! Solomon demonstrates his kingly wisdom, not in national … Continue reading Standing Alongside The Ancients.

For When The Buck Stops With You.

Dear Friends, We've all been there. Leaving home for the first time, new life ahead, new friends, new focus. So opinionated, confident, determined, yet so terrified in the wee small hours of the night when faced with something we need to manage - all on our own. Then we make it out into the world … Continue reading For When The Buck Stops With You.

For when our blank canvas has significant flaws….

Durham is a small city in the North of England, home to many beautiful and ancient buildings, including a majestic cathedral. Last weekend, Durham Cathedral hosted the North East Festival of Youth Choirs. There were a dozen or so carefully selected chamber choirs from schools across the region, Durham University, and Durham Cathedral choristers. Young voices … Continue reading For when our blank canvas has significant flaws….