Glory be to God for dappled shade…..

I'm a born critic. Part nature, part nurture. Sceptical of most things that can't be logically explained. I value authenticity, honesty, principled ideals in others. I find it hard to sit through so called 'pentecostal' or 'charismatic' church gatherings where enthusiasm is generated by words, repetition of words, arm waving and multiple calls for healing … Continue reading Glory be to God for dappled shade…..

This Earthen Vessel

When Elijah disappears mysteriously from planet Earth, Elisha, his appointed successor, feels thrust into his new role prematurely. During his mentoring period with Elijah, nothing could have prepared him for this moment. After all, this had been less about learning a trade or an art and more about being with a man, a prophet, at … Continue reading This Earthen Vessel