What I’ve Learned This Spring

Today is a first for me. I am linking up with Emily P Freeman in her ‘What I learned This Spring’ blog posts.

I love Emily’s thoughtful posts and encouragement to ‘make space for our souls to breathe’.

Here are a few things I’ve learned this Spring.

1. Not to plant perennials too close together in a new border.


I fear this gardening thing is a sign of middle age (I never did have this tidy a garden when my children were young!) and as with all new skills, it takes a bit of trial and error to get things right. This spring I noticed that the  lavender hedge bordering this flower bed was dying in places. After extensive research, I realised the plants had been deprived of room to grow. So, out they came and new ones, properly spaced, now replace them. But oh dear, it looks awfully patchy!

2. When your garden is looking less than beautiful, go and spend some time in someone else’s. All the beauty with none of the work!


This one at Harlow Carr (RHS Garden) North Yorkshire, England.

Or try some walks in the wild.

DSC_0673 2


DSC_0606 3.JPG

The above photos were taken in the North Yorkshire Moors this spring

3. That turning my DSLR off ‘auto’ mode was not as scary as I thought, and that photography can be creative and fun!


Thankful for all the wonderfully talented and generous photographers out there who are willing to share tips and videos for novices like me!

4. At age 48, I have finally decided it really is OK to be, and to say you are an introvert.


I love being with friends but time alone is my gift to myself.

5. That walking with friends through hard times can be a lesson in perseverance in prayer.


It is so very hard to see friends broken by suffering and for them to feel that God is far away. Lord have mercy on them and on me as I keep on praying.

6. Though very different in personality and interests, sisters share a special bond…..


Oh my, how we irritate each other. Me with too many ‘big words’ and being too ‘posh’, Her with chaos and frightful disrespect for any authority!

Here’s to my lovely, funny, energetic sister whom I love to pieces!

7. Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love.


These are the words of AA Milne. So true, and I am learning that although a day spent walking through boggy marshland, and along endless miles through remote English countryside may not be my first choice of a ‘day out’, it makes my DH happy, and that’s worth a lot!

8. That God’s kindness surprises us always.


Just when I thought we would be ’empty nesters’ from September, our youngest announces he plans to take a gap year! It’s lovely to have his company for another year.

Thank you Emily for encouraging us all to post ‘what we’ve learned this Spring’. It has been a spiritual discipline of deep thankfulness for me, and I’ve really enjoyed reading all the posts.

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