An Extravagant​ Christmas.

I selected my Christmas cards carefully this year, from a children's charity as usual. Modern, no excessive gold gilding, muted colours, with the perfect blend of Christmas 'country style'  and a very acceptable nod to Christianity. They represent perfectly the dichotomy that is Christmas. There is, of course, that very appealing idea of a 'family … Continue reading An Extravagant​ Christmas.

Masculinity in a world where men behave badly.

The bad behaviour of some prominent men in our lives and times has made for depressing media headlines in recent weeks. It has been easy for these predators to operate in a world where 'sleazy' behaviour is tolerated and media, in general, portrays relationships as dispensible and responsibilities within relationships as so 'last century'. I've … Continue reading Masculinity in a world where men behave badly.