Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?

I stumbled across them in a hospital of all places. It was a regular Thursday afternoon teaching session for trainee psychiatrists in Glasgow and 'the psychotherapists' had come to give us a lecture.  Well, perhaps the word 'lecture' does not do that afternoon's meeting justice. An intimate encounter with a very select madness or alchemy? … Continue reading Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?

Has God given you a message for me?

Dear 'Prophetic Word-Bearer', There are many times in my life when I've pleaded with God for you to make an appearance with a 'word' for my situation. Just for clarification, I haven't been expecting any accompanying miracle or detailed roadmap. A quiet word of encouragement when in a crisis that I was 'doing the right thing' … Continue reading Has God given you a message for me?