Easy Living

For the last year, I've been overseeing the restoration of two 18th century homes in a North Yorkshire village. The Yorkshire Post ran an article about them when they first came to the open market in 2017, after two centuries of ownership by one family. They dubbed them 'time warp cottages' with 'potential'. A few weeks after … Continue reading Easy Living

The Sacred Ritual.

    Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.  — Proverbs 3,3. I've never been a fan of ritual and repetition - too many memories of formulaic church prayers, clergy with odd dressing habits and the garbled 'grace' we recited collectively before … Continue reading The Sacred Ritual.

The Healer And The Healed. Therapeutic Relationship In Biblical Healing.

Discovering the art of medicine as a student in the 1980’s made pursuing a career as a doctor worthwhile for me. Patient’s stories held me connected during the most difficult of working days as a junior doctor and the search for meaning in complex patient narratives later took me into Psychiatry.  My youngest son starts … Continue reading The Healer And The Healed. Therapeutic Relationship In Biblical Healing.

Seasons of Silence.

Prominent feminists Margaret Atwood, Christine Hoff Sommers and Catherine Deneuve have recently been forthright in their condemnation of the #MeToo movement which they feel has moved from rightly exposing abuse of women by prominent and powerful men towards becoming a vigilante movement where some men are being denied the basic right of all in a civilised … Continue reading Seasons of Silence.

Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?

I stumbled across them in a hospital of all places. It was a regular Thursday afternoon teaching session for trainee psychiatrists in Glasgow and 'the psychotherapists' had come to give us a lecture.  Well, perhaps the word 'lecture' does not do that afternoon's meeting justice. An intimate encounter with a very select madness or alchemy? … Continue reading Self-Reflection – Helpful or Harmful?