The book (rather amateurishly) covered in patterned paper in the picture above is a Bible. I’ve made it my own through it’s covering and scribbling notes over many of it’s wide margins.

The pink notebook is my journal, one that I use mainly to pray. It’s not that I can’t pray out loud, or in my head (surely more time efficient!) but writing prayers to God, for me, both makes my prayers more intentional, and God’s presence more tangible. I usually only disclose the contents of this book to God.

The flowers are from a lovely clematis which is climbing rather ferociously over the north wall of our home at the moment, a welcome splash of colour and scent in this rather dreary spot of the garden.

This small space on the internet is indeed a “Gathering Place”, where I can collect my thoughts and ideas, mostly about Christian faith from an everyday perspective. Thank you for listening! I hope too that it will be place of inspiration and encouragement to many others.