The things that matter most in life are not fantastic or grand. They are the moments when we touch one another. Jack Kornfield.

These words were given to me on a little card by a dear older friend several years before she died. She loved gardens, beautiful things, drinking tea and above all, conversation with friends about life and faith. Her tall frame, often clad in long flowing woollens in pastels, greys and beiges, did no justice to her fiery wit and sparkling eyes.
When I first met Ruth, I was a trainee psychiatrist and mother of three little boys, she a writer, poet and mother of three adult children. Ruth was warm-hearted and kind. A ‘free thinker’ as she liked to call herself.

Blogging is not a replacement for face to face conversations with friends but is nevertheless a “gathering place” for minds and hearts, a place where you will hopefully find words which will encourage you as you walk with Jesus.

‘Conversation’ here is based on biblical faith and matters of the soul. The views expressed here are entirely my own, grounded by a deep respect for the Word of God in the Bible.