When Discouraged.

It seems like, as Jesus said, in this world, we will always have trouble. Our lives will be punctuated with sorrow and discouragement, pain and fear. And for some, life offers fewer intervals between each onslaught. Chronicity is a word linked to so many medical disorders: anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, depression. No-one wants to hear it, … Continue reading When Discouraged.

Simplicity begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset.

It's 5 am and I'm fully awake. Sun is streaming through the slatted beams of an ancient veranda, and the hum of life outside has already reached steady state. It's 1989 and I'm a third-year medical student from Glasgow on elective placement in a rural 'Mission Hospital', nestled deep amongst lush coconut plantations in the South … Continue reading Simplicity begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset.


Life in my grandparents generation seemed simpler, slower, gentler. Holidays were spent at the seaside, the nearest one to their home. Food shops and clothing stores offered limited options. People travelled less and families stayed close by. They had the same doctor, the same electrician, the same plumber, the same joiner, for life. Today we … Continue reading Simplicity.

The Limelight.

These fragile blooms. So beautiful. So delicate. So transient. They catch the filtered evening sun on the forest floor. I kneel down to take a photo. Already the little petals are beginning to wilt from days of heat, but here in the limelight, there is a moment of glory, intoxicating nectar, seasonal timing, and my,  what … Continue reading The Limelight.